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DataOps for dummies Pt.2 : How to be DataOps

Welcome to part two of DataOps for Dummies, a series where we’re taking a step back from the technical content and look at the different aspects of DataOps. If you’re wondering what DataOps is and whe...

6 min read

Data & model quality: What we learned from Yields.io

At our first DataOps Ghent Meetup of 2021 we had the opportunity to learn more about DataOps in FinTech. The second speaker of the night was Jos Gheerardyn, co-founder and CEO of Yields.io, creators o...

2 min read

Be like Hercules: what we learned from ROOV

On Thursday, 25th February 2021, we had the honour of cohosting the DataOps Ghent Meetup about DataOps in Fintech. The first speaker was Frédéric Vandenhende, CEO and co-founder of ROOV. They develope...

A successful DataOps implementation - part 2

This the last one of our blog series: becoming data-driven is not just an IT responsibility. In the previous blog, we gave you some practical tips on how to write your successful DataOps implementatio...

Financial data and fintech - back to the basics

There’s quite a bit of talk about fintech and financial data, but what exactly do these two terms stand for? Continue reading below to find out what they stand for and what they’re used for.

3 min read

DataOps for dummies Pt.1: What is DataOps?

After a decade of big data investment and hype, the term DataOps is gaining the fame and attention it deserves. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to take a step back to the basics. So we’re takin...

A successful DataOps implementation - part 1

This blog is part four of our blog series: becoming data-driven is not just an IT responsibility. We have already set the data strategy and mapped out our existing and required data sources & processe...

Let your data & processes work for you

This blog post is part three of our blog series: becoming data-driven is not just an IT responsibility. We have set a data strategy based upon the company objectives, and we mapped out our existing da...

Smart vs. Big Data

When you look for business data, you often find terms like big and smart data. But what is now the difference between these two? Continue reading to find out more.

Why the data project that should’ve made you rich is failing

If you’re a fan of data, these are exciting times for you. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that this is the era of big data and its application in analytics, business intelligence, machine lea...

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