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TENGU Platform update: Visualise your data with Apache Superset

We've recently had a huge update with multiple new ways to manage your data environment such as better groups with collapse function, detailed overview pages that help you keep track and monitor the i...

DataOps for data analytics: TENGU platform update

Our last TENGU platform update focused on enabling data science and ML pipeline orchestration. Since then, we’ve been working hard towards the next step: further enablement of data analytics orchestra...

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How to overcome 3 data accessibility roadblocks for business analytics.

Your manager has requested an in-depth business analysis of the quarter's performance. However, before you can get started, you have to request access to several data sources before you can even get s...

Tengu: the DataOps platform for easier and faster data analytics

In a data-driven world, a lot of pressure is put on the data team (data engineers, scientists, analysts ...) to make sense of the massive amount of information the other teams have stored.

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