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Your database is not a "computer"

The relational database; it’s been a staple of any digital enterprise since the 1960s. Together with the relational model introduced in the 1970s, it has reigned supreme for 40 years. However, in the ...

Big Data in fashion industry

There are a lot of use cases for the use of data in many diverse industries such as logistics, banking, insurance, and retail. But have you heard of the use of data in the fashion industry yet?

Smart vs. Big Data

When you look for business data, you often find terms like big and smart data. But what is now the difference between these two? Continue reading to find out more.

Why the data project that should’ve made you rich is failing

If you’re a fan of data, these are exciting times for you. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that this is the era of big data and its application in analytics, business intelligence, machine lea...

How to map your current data and processes?

Now that your data strategy is written down and supported by the leadership team and stakeholders, it's time for the next step in becoming a data-driven company: mapping your current data and processe...

How to write a data strategy?

When you've decided to do something with your data, the first action you need to do is think everything through and work out a data strategy for the long term. In this blog post, we'll give you some e...

You wouldn’t eat soup with a fork, would you? - polyglot persistence

You’re back! This is part 2 of a blog series about polyglot persistence. If that word doesn’t ring a bell, I highly recommend checking out part 1 here to get started. In this blog, we’ll dive deeper i...

You wouldn't eat soup with a fork, would you? - NoSQL & SQL databases

You wouldn’t eat soup with a fork, now would you? Why? Because it isn’t the right tool for the job. You might get some soup in your mouth from time to time, but in general, it’s not an efficient way t...

Our DataOps platform, from project to launch.

We had a historic week because we finally got to launch our official platform with a completely revamped user interface, and we couldn't be more proud! Read more about our journey, our platform and wa...

How TENGU makes data integrations & synchronisations easy.

Does TENGU include ETL data integrations and synchronisations of massive amounts of information in an easy way? Uh, yup, you heard me right, a breeze thanks to the TENGU platform.

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